CLICK HERE for Mackinac area images CLICK HERE for Mackinac area images An 1822 "Map" of the Michigan Territory. An amazingly accurate map by early explorers! (Reproduced on a contemporary postcard.) 6728428 Postcard "Map" of the Straits of Mackinac At "The Straits" Showing a bit of the waterway that separates MIchigan's two peninsulas. Featuring St. Ignace, Mackinac Island, Boid Blanc Island in the Upper Peninsula and Mackinaw City in the Lower Pensinsula. (contemporary postcard) 164366686 Mackinaw City An incredible aerial view with the Mackinac Bridge connecting both peninsulas! (contemporary postcard) 164366685 An Aerial View of Macinaw City's Fort. History at its best! One great place to visit thanks to Mackinac State Historic Parks! (contemorary postcard) 6728451 Mackinaw City's Early Central Avenue & the Dixie Highway Terminus Monument Central Avenue looking West - standing about where Shepler's Ferry is now. (vintage postcard) 6728448 Same Corner in Mackinaw City 100 Years Later! The town clock stands near where the old Dixie Highway Terminus Monument once stood. (contemporary postcard) 6728442 Loading Train Cars on the Chief Wawatam rail ferry. Trains, steamers & railcar ferries....early Mackinaw City was a busy place! (vintage postcard) 6728452 Mackinaw City Dockside Most Mackinaw City housewives did NOT hang out their laundry when the wind was blowing! (real photo postcard) 6728435 Old Mackinac Point Light Now a public museum in Mackinaw City. Climb the tower! (contemporary postcard) 164366688 McGulpin Point Light A few miles west of Mackinac City and formerly privately owned, this lighthouse is now open to the public. (author's photo) 164425896 Mackinac Bridge Construction Photo "The bridge that couldn't be built." (Internet photo) 6728444 Connecting our Two Peninsulas. Michigan's "Mighty Mac" - looking south toward Mackinaw City and the Lower Peninsula. (contemporary postcard and probably one of my most favorites.) 6729962 Looking North toward St. Ignace. This is a photo (should be a postcard!) Courtesy of Karen Okerman Daddow. 164425097 Annual Labor Day Bridge Walk! Another photo which could be a postcard! Courtesy of John R. (Bob) Okerman. 164425098 Bridge in Winter Isn't this beautiful. It was on the Internet years ago...I saved it! 164425099 Mackinaw City's Old Auto Camp & State Park $.25 a night or $.50 for the week!! Those were the good ole days! (vintage postcard) 6728434 The Auto Ferry "Vacationland." One of Michigan's auto ferry fleet and the favorite of Les Bagley, author of "Michigan State Ferries" Arcadia Publishing 2007. (vintage postcard) 6728437 Two Railcar Ferry IceBreakers Chief Wawatam and the Sainte Marie made many trips across the Straits. (real photo postcard) 6728446 A Great Lakes Freighter Up close! (Photo courtesy of Patty O'Reilly taken while we were on a passenger ferry on our way to Mackinac Island) 164366687 USCGC Mackinac WAGB83 Now decomissioned, this icebreaker is a floating maritime museum, dockside in Mackinaw City ...take a tour!! (Photo obtained from Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Assn.) 6728449 St. Ignace Another incredible aerial view with I-75 stretching north! (contemporary postcard) 164366684 Native Americans in Full Regalia I chose this image from a 1931 St. Ignace postcard to be the cover image for "The Straits of Mackinac." (vintage postcard) 164426749 Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island Once located near Mackinaw City, the fort was dismantled and moved to Mackinac Island circa 1780s. Instead of Fort Michilimackinac, the name was shortened to Fort Mackinac. (author's photo) 164425892 Looking West. Owned and operated by Mackinac State Historic Parks, this fort is a must-see on Mackinac Island. (author's photo) 164425893 Grand Hotel I was lucky enough to be able to stay here for three nights along with the Marshall Recreation Department's bus tour. What a memory! (author's photo) 164425894 6:00 a.m. "Wake-up Call" My room was waterside and just above the front entrance to Grand Hotel. Each morning, I heard "clip clop" "clip clop" "clip clop" and it was time to jump up and watch the first passenger ferries approaching the island from St. Ignace and Mackinaw City. (author's photo) 164425895 Pasties....the Best are Homemade! Email me and I'll share our family recipe! (contemporary postcard) 6728447 Of Course There's Fudge in Mackinaw! With many fudge-makers and flavors to choose from! (contemporary postcard) 6728443